PUT OFF – Phrasal Verb Meaning & Examples in English | put off là gì

PUT OFF – Phrasal Verb Meaning & Examples in English

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What does PUT OFF mean?

In this lesson we look at the meanings (definitions) of the English phrasal verb PUT OFF and have included example sentences to help you understand its use in spoken and written English.

Using phrasal verbs in everyday conversation helps you sound more like a native English speaker.

Complete English lesson here:

PhrasalVerbs PutOff EnglishLesson

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PUT OFF - Phrasal Verb Meaning & Examples in English



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To call something off means to cancel something. The game was called off because of the rain.

The manager called off the meeting
She called off the wedding


To put something off means to delay doing something.

I sometimes put off making videos
You might put off getting a teacher
He’s been putting off telling her about his job situation


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Meaning of TO PUT OFF – A Really Short English Lesson with Subtitles

READ ALONG TO PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH AND TO LEARN THE MEANING OF TO PUT OFF: So in English, when you put off something, it means that you delay doing it. I just went to the dentist today, and I’ll be honest. I was putting off going to the dentist for a long time. That means for the past year I haven’t gone to the dentist, and every time I was supposed to go, I would put it off. In other words, I would call the dentist, and I would say that I couldn’t make it for whatever reason, and I would change the date. So I kept putting off the date that I was supposed to go to the dentist. I don’t like going to the dentist. I don’t like sitting in the dentist chair. I don’t like having my teeth cleaned. I don’t like sitting with my mouth open for a long time, so I was putting off going to the dentist for quite a while. So if you put off something, you delay it.

If you do that a lot, if you put stuff off a lot, sorry, if you put stuff off a lot, it means that you have a tendency to procrastinate. It’s a pretty big word, procrastinate, but if you procrastinate a lot, it means that you delay a lot. You do a lot of things at the last minute, and you are regularly putting things off. I’m not normally a procrastinator, okay? Normally, I plan things well in advance, and I get things done in a timely fashion. So I usually don’t procrastinate, but if you are someone who regularly delays doing things and regularly puts things off, you might be a procrastinator.

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englishteacher englishlessons english

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Meaning of TO PUT OFF - A Really Short English Lesson with Subtitles

English Phrasal Verbs: Put Off – Explanation and Examples

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Hello, this is Jack from tofluency.com, and in this English lesson, we’re going to talk about the phrasal verb put off; to put off doing something.

And I used this phrase in one of my other videos, so let’s have a look at how I used it..

Now I hear reasons why English learners want to put off starting this journey.

So, in the video I said, “I hear reasons why English learners
want to put off starting this journey.”

So, to put something off or to put off doing something means to postpone it; to do it at a later time. Let’s have a look at some more examples of this phrasal verb:

I keep putting off going to the dentist so this means I continue to put off (going) it happens over and over again. My friend’s boss has put off the meeting until tomorrow so my friends boss has postponed the meeting until tomorrow and then talking about homework I’m sure a lot of people will relate to this I always put it off until the last minute; I always put it off until the last minute.

So, my question for you in this video is this: What have you put off doing recently? What have you put off doing recently?

Leave your answers below this video thanks for watching and see you next time!

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English Phrasal Verbs: Put Off - Explanation and Examples

PUT OFF – Learn Phrasal Verbs in English

Watch this video and learn how to use the phrasal verb PUT OFF in context.
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Hi, how are are you today? This is Greg from http://www.OnlineLanguageAcademy.com and in this video, I’m going to teach you to phrasal verb “Put Off”.

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Now, I’m going to tell you a little story about me to help you put the verb “Put Off” into context.
Now, about 3 years ago I wanted to make YouTube videos and in fact I talked about it with a couple of students and I said, ok, you know what? After Christmas I’m going to start making videos. So first, I put it off until after Christmas. Then, January came and I put it off again. I said, ah OK, maybe February. February came and I put it off again. I kept putting it off and putting it off, and eventually, 3 years passed and I hadn’t made any videos. So I didn’t do it straight away, but instead I put it off until a later date. Ok, so you understand that put off means to delay, to postpone doing something you don’t really want to do.

So, I want you now to answer one simple question in the comments below: what is the one thing that you always put off? Is it doing your homework? Is it going to the gym? Is it going to the dentist’s? Many people I know put off going to the dentist’s until they have toothache. So what is the one thing that you always put off? I look forward to hearing from you and I will see you in the next video…. if you subscribe. So please subscribe and I promise I will teach you many, many more phrasal verbs, many more expressions that are all gonna help you become a more confident speaker of English. Thanks so much for watching and bye for now!

PUT OFF –  Learn Phrasal Verbs in English

Langmaster – 20 CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ hữu ích nhất với "PUT" [Học tiếng Anh cho người mới bắt đầu]

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Langmaster 20 CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ hữu ích nhất với “PUT”
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Langmaster - 20 CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ hữu ích nhất với "PUT" [Học tiếng Anh cho người mới bắt đầu]

Phrasal Verbs for Making Plans | PUT OFF | PUT BACK | BRING FORWARD | CALL OFF

Are you making plans in English? At work? In your romantic life? 💖 Then you’re going to NEED these 4 phrasal verbs, amigo!

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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LESSON NOTES ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

If you use English in real life, at your job or even if you have a native English teacher that you communicate to in English and make plans for your next class in English, then you are going to need these Phrasal Verbs to communicate better.

1. Put off
This can mean “delay” or “postpone”, so if you have a plan to do something on a specific day at a specific time and in the end you decide that you want to do it at a later time because it is not possible now, then you put off your plans.

I’m sorry, I can’t attend the meeting because an important client is visiting tomorrow, Can we put it off until Friday?
I decided to start making YouTube videos two years ago but I put it off until few months ago.

2. Put Back
This also means that you make your appointment later. Imagine we have arranged to have a coffee on Wednesday, I might say: I’m really sorry but I’ve got so much work to do that I’m going to have to put it back until Sunday.

If you were writing this appointment in your diary and you wanted to put it back, you would need to go closer to the back of your diary to register the date of the new appointment.

Can we put it back until next week?
Can we put it back a week?

3. Bring forward
This often causes confusion with speakers of English as a Second Language, because some people think the word “forward” means into the future, but no, we are using the work “bring” that means towards me, bring forward means that you make your appointment earlier. If we had an appointment on Wednesday I could tell you…

I’m really, really sorry I can’t meet on Wednesday, can we bring it forward to Tuesday?
Could we bring it forward a day?

4. Call Off
This is the worst because it means you canceled your plans or your appointment.

We had to call off the meeting, because the problem was already solved
We called the meeting off

You can use call off both as a separable phrasal verb and a nonseparable phrasal verb:

I called off a party once, because nobody could attended.
Nobody could attend so I called the party off.

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Phrasal Verbs for Making Plans | PUT OFF | PUT BACK | BRING FORWARD | CALL OFF

It's Time To Do The Things You Keep Putting Off. Here's How…

It’s time to do the things you keep putting off. If you’re someone who struggles with procrastination, you need to watch this video! Ready to start an online business? Take action and download my FREE online business quiz: https://projectlifemastery.com/quiz/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=quizpromo&utm_term=itstimetodothethingsyoukeepputtingoffhereshow&utm_content=lcyoutubedescription

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In this video, I talk about how you can stop putting things off and start taking action. Procrastination is the enemy of success.

It keeps you stuck and incapable of reaching your true potential in life. Success doesn’t come to those who wait on the sidelines. Nothing in your life will work unless you take action.

There will never be a perfect time to start anything. If you’re ready to stop putting things off once and for all, here’s how…




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It's Time To Do The Things You Keep Putting Off. Here's How...

English Grammar Lesson – Phrasal verbs with 'PUT' ( Learn English)

English Grammar Lesson Phrasal verbs with ‘PUT’ ( Learn English)
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A Phrasal Verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that changes the meaning. In this lesson let us learn the common phrasal verbs with put to use them in your daily conversation.

Put off Postpone / To delay
Example They put off the conference until next Friday.

Put up with To tolerate
Example I can’t put up with him anymore,he’s driving me crazy.

Put through To connect somebody on phone
Example Could you put me through to the supervisor please.

It also means To make someone experience something very unpleasant
Example He’s put me through hell.

Put across To communicate something
Example I just want to put across my point to him.

Put down to insult/humiliate
Example My boss always puts me down in front of my coworkers.

It also means Painless killing of an animal
Example Our dog was suffering so we had to put her down.

Put on To become fat
Example He has put on a lot of weight.

It also means To wear something
Example Can I put on this dress for my birthday party?

English Grammar Lesson  - Phrasal verbs with 'PUT' ( Learn English)

Put off and put on, but only one thing saves

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Put off and put on, but only one thing saves

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