How to Pronounce Lieutenant? (CORRECTLY) | lieutenant là gì

How to Pronounce Lieutenant? (CORRECTLY)

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Also hear how to pronounce ‘COLONEL” correctly: Listen and learn how to say Lieutenant correctly (military rank) with Julien, “how do you pronounce” free pronunciation audio/video tutorials.

What is a Lieutenant? A lieutenant is the second juniormost or in some cases the juniormost commissioned officer in the armed forces, fire services, police, and other organizations of many nations. The meaning of lieutenant differs in different militaries, but is often subdivided into senior and junior ranks. Source:

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How to Pronounce Lieutenant? (CORRECTLY)


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Source: article, adapted under license.

Lieutenant commander (also hyphenated lieutenantcommander and abbreviated Lt Cdr, LtCdr. or LCDR) is a commissioned officer rank in many navies. The rank is superior to a lieutenant and subordinate to a commander. The corresponding rank in most armies (armed services) and air forces is major, and in the Royal Air Force and other Commonwealth air forces is squadron leader.

The NATO rank code is mostly OF3.

A lieutenant commander is a senior department officer or the executive officer (secondincommand) on many warships and smaller shore installation, or the commanding officer of a smaller ship/installation. They are also senior department officers in naval aviation squadrons.

Most Commonwealth and other navies address lieutenant commanders by their full rank or the positions they occupy (“Captain” if in command of a vessel). The United States Navy, however, addresses officers by their full rank or the higher grade of the rank. For example, oral communications in formal and informal situations, a Lieutenant (junior grade) is abbreviated as “Lieutenant,” and a Lieutenant Commander is abbreviated as “Commander.”

Lieutenants were commonly put in command of smaller vessels not warranting a commander or captain. Such a lieutenant was called a “lieutenant commanding” or “lieutenant commandant” in the United States Navy, and a “lieutenant in command,” “lieutenant and commander,” or “senior lieutenant” in the Royal Navy. The USN settled on “lieutenant commander” in 1862 and made it a distinct rank. The RN followed suit in March 1914.


First Lieutenant, US Army | What I do & how much I make | Part 1 | Khan Academy

What are the responsibilities of an officer in the US Army? From planning to training to mentoring soldiers, 1st Lt Gupte shares what it takes to succeed in this role.

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First Lieutenant, US Army | What I do & how much I make | Part 1 | Khan Academy

Military Officer Pay – What does a Lieutenant make? (O-1/O-2)

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Military Officer Pay - What does a Lieutenant make? (O-1/O-2)

The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville| Essay question breakdown | Lisa Tran

“LEFT”enant, not “Lieutenant”!

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The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville| Essay question breakdown | Lisa Tran

The Origin of the Rank "Lieutenant"

The Lieutenant may be considered the first of the modern day ranks. As many others it was born in the 16th century in a context that is very different from what a modern Lieutenant would do.
I am sure you will be surprised!



The Origin of the Rank "Lieutenant"

Thomas Nguyễn, Lieutenant Colonel | Tôi Là Người Việt Nam 1975-2015

Thomas Nguyễn, Lieutenant Colonel | Tôi Là Người Việt Nam 1975-2015

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What is SUB-LIEUTENANT? What does SUB-LIEUTENANT mean? SUB-LIEUTENANT meaning & explanation

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Source: article, adapted under license.

Sublieutenant is a junior military officer rank.

In many navies, a sublieutenant is a naval commissioned or subordinate officer, ranking below a lieutenant. In the Royal Navy (RN) the rank of sublieutenant is equivalent to the rank of lieutenant in the British Army and of flying officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF).

In some armies, sublieutenant is the lowest officer rank. However, in Brazil, it is the highest noncommissioned rank, and in Spain, it is the second highest noncommissioned rank.

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The NATO rank code is OF1 (senior).

In the British Royal Navy, a passed midshipman awaiting promotion often elected to become a master’s mate, normally an experienced petty officer who assisted the sailing master. Though formally the rating did not lead to promotion to lieutenant, master’s mates were paid more than any other rating and were the only ratings allowed to command any sort of vessel. A midshipman who became a master’s mate got an increase in pay from L1 13s 6d to L3 16s per month, but initially reduced his chances at a commission. Over time, however, service as a master’s mate became a normal part of the path to a commission. The situation caused some confusion during the last part of the 18th century, when two parallel roles—master’s mates trying to become masters, and former midshipmen working toward a commission—held the same title and responsibilities aboard ship.

By the first years of the 19th century, the prefix “master’s” was dropped for passed midshipmen, to distinguish them from master’s mates in the navigator’s branch. In 1824 two further grades were also introduced, consisting of master’s assistants and secondclass volunteers. These corresponded to midshipmen and firstclass volunteers respectively in the executive line. From this point, passed midshipmen had the rating master’s mate, abbreviated as mate, and prospective masters had the rating master’s assistant. These changes helped eliminate the confusion caused by the mingling of midshipmen in the navigator’s branch.

In 1838 a Royal Commission, presided over by the Duke of Wellington, recommended the institution of the rank of mate as an official step between midshipman and lieutenant. In 1861 mate was abolished in favour of sublieutenant.

In 1955, the Royal Navy created the rank of acting sublieutenant. Unlike their substantive counterparts, acting sublieutenants are subordinate officers, as they hold their ranks by order and not by commission. Upon passing Fleet Board, acting sublieutenants were confirmed as sublieutenants and issued commissions backdated to the date when they were appointed acting sublieutenants. The rank of acting sublieutenant was abolished in the Royal Navy around 1993 but remained in the Royal Naval Reserve until 2013, officers in both the RN and RNR now commission into the rank of Midshipman. The rank of Acting Sublieutenant remains in the Royal Navy only within the University Royal Naval Unit where Training Officers enter at this rank.

Before its abolition, the rank of acting sublieutenant in the Royal Navy corresponded with, but was junior to, the ranks of lieutenant (Army) and flying officer (RAF). This can be seen in print versions of STANAG 2116 edition 5 (1992).

In many Commonwealth navies (e.g. Canada and Australia) however, the rank of acting sublieutenants still exists as a commissioned rank equivalent to Second lieutenant, while the rank of sublieutenant is equivalent to that of an army lieutenant. As the term “acting” is a designation, both acting and substantive ranks should be orally addressed as “sublieutenant;” the full designation including “acting” should be used in written documents, however. Indeed, when someone is addressed as “Acting sublieutenant”, it can be seen as a way of patronising an individual in a derogatory manner due to the emphasis of their “acting” rank.

In the modern Royal Navy, all officer cadets now commission as midshipmen, regardless of whether they are a graduate, upper yardsmen, or a school leaver. They are subsequently promoted to sublieutenant one year after entering Britannia Royal Naval College.

In the Royal Canadian Navy, all undergoing basic officer training join as naval cadets, but upon graduation, those who joined with a bachelor’s degree receive an immediate promotion to acting sublieutenant, while those who do not retain his or her rank as naval cadet until such time as he or she finishes more careerrelated training.

What is SUB-LIEUTENANT? What does SUB-LIEUTENANT mean? SUB-LIEUTENANT meaning & explanation

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