Get Through | Learn Common English Phrasal Verbs | get through

Get Through | Learn Common English Phrasal Verbs

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Learn the following phrasal verb: get through. Full definition and lots of example!

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Hello! This is Jack from and welcome to this English lesson where we’re going to look at the phrasal verb: get through. So first, let me show you an example of how I used it: this green tea is going to help me get through the afternoon it’s going to taste good too.

This clip came from snapchat. If you have snapchat and you’re not following me on that platform then click the link to follow me because I share lots of interesting videos to help you improve your English. Now, in that clip, I talked about my green tea and I said this is going to help me get through the afternoon.

So, the phrasal verb we’re using here is to get through to get through something: this means to deal with or manage a difficult situation. Now, in my case it wasn’t a life or death situation I was tired because i had just done a live lesson and I needed a green tea to help me get through the afternoon. So firstly, know that we can use it in lots of different examples, in fact, here are some more examples now to help you better understand how to use it:

Now, imagine that your friend has just broken up with her boyfriend. At this moment she feels really upset and she needs help. What you can say to her is this: don’t worry I’ll help you get through this. I’ll help you get through this this means I’ll help you overcome this difficult situation.

Presentations can be difficult. People get nervous when they have to give a presentation but in most cases, if you get through the first five minutes then it gets easier and easier. So this means that if you get through the initial period, when it’s the most difficult, then it will become easier later on in your presentation.

The last example I have you is this and this is a question that i asked my wife last November do you think we have enough wood to get through the winter? I’m talking about firewood here and I’m asking her if she thinks that we have enough of this firewood to get through the winter.

Now, there are other ways that you can use this phrasal verb and what I want you to do is: if you know how else we can use this to leave some examples below and I’ll also make a followup video that goes through different ways we can use this phrasal verb. I also have a question for you: if you are feeling tired in the afternoon, do you eat or drink something to help you get through it? So in my case, I usually have a green tea. But what do you drink or what do you have to eat? Or are you always energetic in the afternoon? Please leave your comments below. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next lesson!

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Get Through | Learn Common English Phrasal Verbs

Rameses B ft Veela – Get Through

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What makes you so certain that I didn’t go through it?
Just like you did what makes you convinced?
Is it cause it takes me a lot to be agitated
It’s so naive to see that as a weakness
A mellow demeanor, an even exterior
Do you know the work it takes to have this attitude?
I won’t yell to be heard, cause “that’s so much easier”
I will exercise restraint to find a better you

I look around and I see you, friend
You’ve got a lot on your mind
A lot on your mind and
I don’t know if you know it or not but I’m
Gonna get through to you

Take all of your nagging fears as you go
I know you wanted me to come along
I left earlier so you wouldn’t see me go
I can’t pretend that that’s where I belong
With you, bored and low

A mellow demeanour, an even exterior
Do you know the work it takes to have this attitude?
I don’t yell to be heard, cause “that’s so much easier”
I have exercised restraint and found a better you

Shake off what those hadbeens told you before
You are resilient, shining off the walls
Take my word, you know I love you as a whole
You know you’re brilliant and you don’t belong
Down there, bored and low

Rameses B ft Veela - Get Through

Phrasal verb GET THROUGH | Inglés

En este video vamos a profundizar y aprender al completo los significados del phrasal verb GET THROUGH.

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Phrasal verb GET THROUGH | Inglés

What does get through mean? Get through phrasal verb meanings + examples – Business English Success

What does get through mean? Get through phrasal verb meanings with examples.

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Phrasal verbs are awkward for learners at any level. They have more than one meaning and are totally illogical.

This video looks at the different meanings of the English phrasal verb get through.
For general information about phrasal verbs, please watch the introduction video for this playlist (

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In this English learning video, Derek Smith from Perfect English, ESFORAY GmbH and Business English Success looks at the English phrasal verb ‘get through’. Five different meanings are explained, with plenty of examples.

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What does get through mean? Get through phrasal verb meanings + examples - Business English Success

[하루3문장#009-1부] get through, come inside, believe what you want, 운배영, 68.3.009

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09:00 완츄 68.0046

1. 운배영 전체 강의 교재가 필요하신가요?
: 이메일이나 카톡으로 교재 문의주시면 안내문 보내드립니다. (교재구입으로 채널을 후원해주세요) 이메일: [email protected] , 카톡 ID: hyun7561
2. 회원강의(2부)를 보시려면?
: 멤버쉽 가입해주세요 (회원들에겐 교재 구입 시 할인혜택을 드립니다)
멤버쉽 링크:
3. 운배영 두 번째 채널 (운배영 스피킹 아카데미 채널주소)
4. 미국, 캐나다 등 외국에 계신 분들의 채널 후원방법은?
5. 기타 운배영에 관한 걸 알고 싶으시면?
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[하루3문장#009-1부] get through, come inside, believe what you want, 운배영, 68.3.009

Mark Joseph – Get Through Lyrics

Lyrics to Mark Joesph Get Through
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Mark Joseph - Get Through Lyrics

Get Through

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Get Through · Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph

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Released on: 20110829

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Get Through

Jeremy Zucker – comethru (Official Video)

comethru (Official Video)
Song Available on summer,

Listen/Download Here:

Directed & Produced by Ben Schmidt

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Music video by Jeremy Zucker performing comethru. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Jeremy Zucker - comethru (Official Video)

Get Through Phrasal Verb Meaning | How To Use Get Through | Phrasal Verbs in Everyday English

In this video, we introduce you to the phrasal verb ‘get through’, showing you multiple meanings and giving you some helpful examples. Follow the link below for a more detailed analysis and further examples:

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Get Through Phrasal Verb Meaning | How To Use Get Through | Phrasal Verbs in Everyday English

10 GET Phrasal Verbs: get down, get off, get through, get up, get away…

Get through this lesson without getting down. Phrasal verbs with GET are very common and popular in everyday speech. In this lesson we will look at the meanings of words like get up, get over, get through, and more.

Hi again. Welcome to I’m Adam. Today’s lesson is about phrasal verbs using the verb: “get”. Now, before I dive into this lesson, I just want to explain a few things. I’ve gotten many comments on and many people tell me that phrasal verbs are very difficult. And I understand that, I appreciate that, but I want you to start thinking of phrasal verbs as vocabulary; it’s just extra words you have to study. It’s not fun, I understand that, but it’s not that difficult either. You just have to remember and use, and practice, practice, practice like any other vocabulary you’re learning.

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So today’s verb is: “get”. Let’s look at some of these prepositions we have. “Get up”, “Get down”, “Get away”, “Get over”, “Get off”, “Get on”, “Get in”, “Get through”, “Get between”, “Get along” or “Get along with”. So we’re going to go one by one. I’ll explain basically what they mean. Sometimes they have more than one; sometimes two, sometimes three different meanings. And if necessary, I’ll give examples. Oh, sorry about that.

Okay, let’s start with: “Get up”. “Get up”, two general meanings you’re going to need to know. One is get up, if you’re sitting down, if you’re lying down and someone says: “Get up”, it means: stand up, stand. Get off the floor, get off the chair, whatever. “Get up” also means to get dressed in a certain way. If you’re going to a club, you want to get up all fancy and put on a nice dress or a nice suit for the guys. If it’s Halloween, you’re going to get up in a nice costume. We can also use “getup” as a noun. “Getup” means what you’re wearing. “Nice getup” means: “I like your clothes.”, “Nice suit.”, “Nice costume.”, “Nice” whatever it is you’re wearing.

“Get down”, opposite of “Get up”. If you’re standing, get down or sit down, for example, so get down. If… If a baseball is flying your way: “Get down!” Duck, get underneath it. “Get down” in a slang way means like get down, like enjoy the music, enjoy the party. You know, like get down, dance, do whatever gets you down. We’ll get to “Get off” in a second. You’ll understand.

“Get away”. “Get away” means leave. But in a more colloquial way “colloquial” means like everyday street English, not necessarily slang but common English “Get away” means go on vacation. And when you go on vacation, you choose a nice getaway. A getaway is a vacation, like a planned vacation or a nice vacation destination, the place you’re going to. So Hawaii is a great getaway in winter in Canada because it’s cold; Hawaii: beautiful.

“Get over”. One, there’s a… One meaning: get over something physical like there’s a wall and you need to get to the other side, so you get over the wall. Okay? But that wall could also be a problem or an obstacle; it doesn’t have to be a physical thing. Right? So you have a problem, get over it, move on, as they say. So you and your girlfriend had a fight, okay, get over it, move on. Continue on like nothing happened. Make up, kiss, whatever you do. Next day everything’s good; get over it. Okay? That’s the most common meanings of: “Get over”.

10 GET Phrasal Verbs: get down, get off, get through, get up, get away...

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