Genetics 101 | National Geographic | genetic makeup là gì

Genetics 101 | National Geographic

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What is a genome, and how are traits passed from generation to generation? Learn how pea plants helped launch the study of genetics and how the field of genetics research has evolved over time.
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Genetics 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

Genetics 101 | National Geographic

DNA: The book of you – Joe Hanson

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Your body is made of cells but how does a single cell know to become part of your nose, instead of your toes? The answer is in your body’s instruction book: DNA. Joe Hanson compares DNA to a detailed manual for building a person out of cells with 46 chapters (chromosomes) and hundreds of thousands of pages covering every part of you.

Lesson by Joe Hanson, animation by Nipun.Co Motion Craft.

DNA: The book of you - Joe Hanson

What is epigenetics? – Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna

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Here’s a conundrum: Identical twins originate from the same DNA … so how can they turn out so different — even in traits that have a significant genetic component? Carlos GuerreroBosagna explains that while nature versus nurture has a lot to do with it, a deeper, related answer can be found within something called epigenetics.

Lesson by Carlos GuerreroBosagna, animation by Chris Bishop.

What is epigenetics? - Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna

Genetics Basics | Chromosomes, Genes, DNA | Don't Memorise

The topic of Genetics is quite interesting, but for understanding it, we need to first know the Units of Heredity. What are these units? What are the Factors that carry information from one generation to the other? Chromatids? Chromosomes? Genes? DNA? Or all of these? Let us get to know that in this video!

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In this video, we will learn:
0:00 Introduction
0:52 Chromatids & Condensation of the Threads
2:06 What are Chromosomes?
2:37 Genes
3:06 DNA Molecules
4:06 Genetic Material

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Genetics Chromosomes Genes

Genetics Basics | Chromosomes, Genes, DNA | Don't Memorise

Alleles and Genes

Join the Amoeba Sisters as they discuss the terms “gene” and “allele” in context of a gene involved in PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) taste sensitivity. Note: as mentioned throughout video, the ability to taste PTC may be more complex than a single gene trait. This video serves as an introduction before exploring Punnett squares in our heredity series:

This video has a handout!

While this video only focuses on basic understanding of alleles and genes as well as the ability to taste or not taste PTC (phenylthiocarbamide), we encourage learning more! Here is a recommended reading that expands on the genetics involved in tasting PTC and includes some of the history in how it was discovered:

The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky’s certification and experience in teaching biology at the high school level. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit:

We cover the basics in biology concepts at the secondary level. If you are looking to discover more about biology and go into depth beyond these basics, our recommended reference is the FREE, peer reviewed, open source OpenStax biology textbook:

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Alleles and Genes

Are the Europeans 1 Race? The Genetic Evidence

What are the origins of the Europeans and do they really belong to a single “race”? Today we’ll be looking at the genetic evidence behind the evolution of the indigenous people of Europe and how they’ve become the modern nations and phenotypes we see today.

Many of the reasons for the diverse phenotypes, genetics, languages and cultures of the modern European continent will be explored today, even stretching back thousands of years. Additionally, we’ll be going over a brief overview of the European diaspora worldwide and how this has affected the definitions of the White or European race. Thanks for watching!



Are the Europeans 1 Race? The Genetic Evidence

What Is the Definition of Genetic Encoding?

What Is the Definition of Genetic Encoding?. Part of the series: Biology & Organic Chemistry. The genetic code refers to the order of nucleotides that make up a person’s DNA or RNA, and this provides the blueprint for life, as well as a set of instructions for how to create proteins. Discover how genetic encoding results in the creation of physical traits with help from a science teacher and field biologist in this free video on biology. Read more:

What Is the Definition of Genetic Encoding?

Pharmacogenomics: Genes and Medicine

What determines how well or poorly you respond to a medication? This episode of Medicurio highlights the tragic story of a mother and her son to show how genes play such a key role in a medication’s effectiveness.

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I also created a website where you can find all the references to what I say in the video, as well as some extra information that I just couldn’t fit into the video. Check it out here:

Pharmacogenomics: Genes and Medicine

How Evolution works

The mechanisms of evolution explained in one video.

The theory of evolution explains how the enormous variety of life could come into existence. How it is possible for primitive life forms to spawn the millions of different creatures, that exist today. Unfortunately, evolution is often misunderstood, because it’s mechanisms seem counter intuitive. By using visualizations, infographics and appealing characters, the viewer is more likely to understand it the complex information. More than that, by presenting the information in an entertaining way, the information is more likely to sink in.

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How Evolution Works

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How Evolution works

What happens during a heart attack? – Krishna Sudhir

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Approximately seven million people around the world die from heart attacks every year. And cardiovascular disease, which causes heart attacks and other problems like strokes, is the world’s leading killer. So what causes a heart attack? Krishna Sudhir examines the leading causes and treatments of this deadly disease.

Lesson by Krishna Sudhir, animation by Chadwick Whitehead.

What happens during a heart attack? - Krishna Sudhir

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