An Introduction to Interrupts | interrupt

An Introduction to Interrupts

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General overview of interrupts before looking at specific code examples…..

An Introduction to Interrupts

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Interupt - Power

Lecture 9: Interrupts

This short video presents how interrupts work. Visit the book website for more information:

Lecture 9: Interrupts

Arduino Interrupts Tutorial

Dear friends welcome to this Arduino Interrupt Tutorial. In this video we are going to learn how to use interrupts with Arduino, an advanced but extremely useful feature of the Arduino. There is a lot to cover, so without any further delay let’s get started!

But what is an interrupt? Most microprocessors have interrupts. Interrupts let you respond to external events while doing something else. Suppose you are sitting at home waiting for the new ESP32 board, you have ordered a few days ago, to arrive at your mailbox. You are very excited so you check your mailbox every ten minutes to see if the board has arrived. This procedure is called polling, and we were using this technique a lot in our projects. But what if we had told the mailman to ring the doorbell at his arrival? This way, we are free to do anything we want and at the time the board arrives at the mailbox we get notified and we can use it at once. This example explains exactly how an interrupt causes a processor to act.
As you can see we can greatly reduce the power consumption of our projects with the use of interrupts! This trick is very useful and I am going to use it a lot in the future to reduce the power consumption of our projects and extend their battery life. As always you can find the code of both projects in the description of the video below.

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That’s it. Now that we have built some simple projects that use interrupts we can use this very useful feature to more advanced projects. This will allow us to build more complex projects that use less energy! This video was quick demonstration of how to use hardware interrupts with Arduino. There are many more things to discuss about interrupts but what we learned today is what we are going to use the most. I would love to hear your thoughts on interrupts. Are you going to use interrupts in any of your projects now that you know how they work? Please post your comments below and don’t forget to like the video if you find useful.



Arduino Interrupts Tutorial

Computer Interrupts Explained

An interrupt is a signal sent from a device or from software to the operating system.

It causes the OS to temporarily stop what it is doing and service the interrupt, using it’s interrupt handler.

Interrupts are needed for computers to multitask.

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ComputerScience Interrupts

Computer Interrupts Explained

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Conversation Skills: Interrupting politely in English

It may be impolite to interrupt in your native culture and language, but it is common for native English speakers to interrupt each other during conversation. There are many reasons why we may interrupt someone. Learning how to do it politely will help you feel more confident in your conversational skills. In this lesson, I will talk about when it’s okay to interrupt someone and how to do it politely. You will learn some common expressions you can use, like “Sorry for interrupting, but…”; “Can I just mention something?”; and “Before you move on, I’d like to say something.” I will also teach you expressions you can use when someone interrupts you, for example, “Let me finish what I was saying”; and “I’m almost finished my point.” Lastly, we will look at nonverbal cues to show you would like a turn to say something.

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Conversation Skills: Interrupting politely in English

Program, Interrupted – Computerphile

In day to day life interruptions are annoying, but in computing they’re essential. James Fowkes explains using an Arduino.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm:

Thanks to Nottingham Hackspace

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at

Program, Interrupted - Computerphile

Why Do People Interrupt You?

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This video dives into why we interrupt. Some reasons why are more straightforward: perhaps you blurt something out, perhaps people are jerks, but some new research tries to identify the bits of the brain that are responsible for you keeping time in a conversation. The research involves an obscure species of ultrasonic singing mice. Naturally.

This episode was written by Bahar Gholipour and Vanessa Hill.
Thanks to Michael Long for his time being interviewed for this video. For more, his lab at NYU:

More BrainCraft: Why Women’s Voices Are Getting Deeper

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Okobi, D. E., Banerjee, A., Matheson, A. M., Phelps, S. M., & Long, M. A. (2019). Motor cortical control of vocal interaction in neotropical singing mice. Science, 363(6430), 983988.

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Farley, S. D. (2008). Attaining status at the expense of likeability: pilfering power through conversational interruption. Journal of nonverbal behavior, 32(4), 241260.

Goodwin, C. (Ed.). (2003). Conversation and brain damage. Oxford University Press.

Why Do People Interrupt You?

interrupts in 8085 microprocessor |hardware and software interrupt | 8085 programming in hindi

In this 8085 programming series video, I have discussed the following topics :
What is interrupt in 8085?
What is interrupt service routine in 8085?
What is ISR?
What is hardware and software interrupt in 8085?
What is maskable and non maskable interrupt in 8085?
What is vectored and nonvectored interrupt in 8085?
Which are the software interrupts in 8085?
Which are the hardware interrupts in 8085?

I hope you find this video helpful.

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interrupts in 8085 microprocessor |hardware and software interrupt | 8085 programming in hindi

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