Ako sa dat offline na Lolku/How to set offline on League of Legends | lol.properties na

Ako sa dat offline na Lolku/How to set offline on League of Legends

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Je to jednoduche/ITs easy
1.quit lol.
2.open this computer folder
3.search for lol.properties
4.double click folder with your region
5. write something after =
6.save changes
7.start League of Legends

Ako sa dat offline na Lolku/How to set offline on League of Legends

[100% WORKING] How to play League of Legends with Korean Client | 2017 (Patch 7.8)

1. Download and complete installation (Korea server)


2. Go to “Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client_config_kr\releases\x.x.x.x\deploy\”

3. Open lol.properties with Notepad

4. Replace with (lol.properties of na server):



5. Open League of Legends and Login with your account (NA).


[100% WORKING] How to play League of Legends with Korean Client | 2017 (Patch 7.8)

Diana and Stories for kids about sweets & candies

Diana and Roma with dad made a chocolate challenge. They try unusual sweets and candies. Two sweet stories for kids.
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Diana and Stories for kids about sweets & candies

Hướng dẫn chuyển sever bằng LOLSeverCVN

Link download : http://f2pauto.com/threads/lolsevercvndoiserverlienminhhuyenthoai.1/
Đăng ký sever:
NA: https://signup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index?realm_key=na
EUW: https://signup.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index?realm_key=euw
sever SEA,TAIWAI thì đăng nhập bằng garena ha
còn brazil thì chắc ko ai chơi nên mk ko để link tải nha


Hướng dẫn nhấn vào sever việt nam như trước (mở bằng liên minh huyền thoại) thì các bạn phải mở bằng lolseverCVN nha! Tại vì phần mềm lolseverCVN đã đổi cái lol.properties trong thư mục liên minh huyền thoại của bạn (cái sever của lol ấy). Nên các bạn phải làm cách này ko thì khỏi chơi sever việt nam ha (hay sever bạn hay chơi) :v

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Chúc các bạn thành công và chơi vui vẻ 😀

Lưu ý:
Server NA, Japan và Korea cần phải có account mới chơi được, không dùng account Garena, có một số trường hợp ở server NA và Korean do đăng nhập sai user hoặc pass sẽ gặp thông báo lỗi “Không nhận phản hồi máy chủ khi đăng nhập…”
Server VN update trễ hơn NA 1 tuần, nếu gặp lỗi phiên bản, hãy đợi phiên update tiếp theo của garena mới vào đươc.
Đăng nhập lần đầu server NA,Japan,Korean có thể bị lỗi từ máy chủ PvP.net, đăng nhập lại sẽ được, server taiwan cần cài thêm WTFast
Các bạn ở nước ngoài như Nhật, Mỹ,… không tải, chơi được Liên Minh VN vì VN đã chặn ip từ nước ngoài. Có 1 cách giải quyết tạm thời download Liên Minh Tại đây: http://f2pauto.com/threads/lienminhhuyenthoaivietnamtaigameonuocngoai.5/ WTFast để kết nối server VN.

Hướng dẫn chuyển sever bằng LOLSeverCVN

How to Change League of Legends to ANY Language – [2021] Tutorial

Do you want to change your voices in League of Legends to another language? This tutorial will teach you how to change your language in Lol withotu having to change your region.

This guide will help you use any language in league of legends including you game interface, items, etc

Language Codes:

ja_JP: Japanese
ko_KR: Korean
zh_CN: Chinese
zh_TW: Taiwan
es_ES: Spanish Spain
es_MX: Spanish Latin
en_US: English
fr_FR: French
de_DE: German
it_IT: Italian
pl_PL: Polish
ro_RO: Romanian
el_GR: Greek
pt_BR: Portuguse
hu_HU: Hungarian
ru_RU: Russian
tr_TR: Turkish

How to Change League of Legends to ANY Language - [2021] Tutorial


yeah barrel.


Nastya and adventures with mysterious houses

Nastya and her dad travel to mysterious houses and go on adventures there.
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Nastya and adventures with mysterious houses

Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

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Our exploration of ethical theories continues with another theistic answer to the grounding problem: natural law theory. Thomas Aquinas’s version of this theory says that we all seek out what’s known as the basic goods and argued that instinct and reason come together to point us to the natural law. There are, of course, objections to this theory – in particular, the isought problem advanced by David Hume.

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Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

The Map of Mathematics

The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the subtopics they are made from.

mathematics DomainOfScience

If you would like to buy a poster of this map, they are available here:
North America: https://store.dftba.com/products/mapofmathematicsposter
Everywhere else: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dominicwalliman/works/25095968themapofmathematics
French version: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dominicwalliman/works/40572671themapofmathematicsfrenchversion?asc=u
Spanish Version: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dominicwalliman/works/40572693themapofmathematicsspanishversion?asc=u

I have also made a version available for educational use which you can find here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/32264483720/in/datepostedpublic/

To err is to human, and I human a lot. I always try my best to be as correct as possible, but unfortunately I make mistakes. This is the errata where I correct my silly mistakes. My goal is to one day do a video with no errors!

1. The number one is not a prime number. The definition of a prime number is a number can be divided evenly only by 1, or itself. And it must be a whole number GREATER than 1. (This last bit is the bit I forgot).

2. In the trigonometry section I drew cos(theta) = opposite / adjacent. This is the kind of thing you learn in high school and guess what. I got it wrong! Dummy. It should be cos(theta) = adjacent / hypotenuse.

3. My drawing of dice is slightly wrong. Most dice have their opposite sides adding up to 7, so when I drew 3 and 4 next to each other that is incorrect.


4. I said that the Gödel Incompleteness Theorems implied that mathematics is made up by humans, but that is wrong, just ignore that statement. I have learned more about it now, here is a good video explaining it: https://youtu.be/O4ndIDcDSGc

5. In the animation about imaginary numbers I drew the real axis as vertical and the imaginary axis as horizontal which is opposite to the conventional way it is done.

Thanks so much to my supporters on Patreon. I hope to make money from my videos one day, but I’m not there yet! If you enjoy my videos and would like to help me make more this is the best way and I appreciate it very much. https://www.patreon.com/domainofscience

Here are links to some of the sources I used in this video.

Summary of mathematics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics
Earliest human counting: http://mathtimeline.weebly.com/earlyhumancountingtools.html
First use of zero: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0History http://www.livescience.com/27853whoinventedzero.html
First use of negative numbers: https://www.quora.com/Whoistheinventorofnegativenumbers
Renaissance science: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_science_in_the_Renaissance
History of complex numbers: http://rossroessler.tripod.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics
Proof that pi is irrational: https://www.quora.com/Howdoyouprovethatpiisanirrationalnumber
and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_that_%CF%80_is_irrationalLaczkovich.27s_proof

Also, if you enjoyed this video, you will probably like my science books, available in all good books shops around the work and is printed in 16 languages. Links are below or just search for Professor Astro Cat. They are fun children’s books aimed at the age range 712. But they are also a hit with adults who want good explanations of science. The books have won awards and the app won a Webby.

Frontiers of Space: http://nobrow.net/shop/professorastrocatsfrontiersofspace/
Atomic Adventure: http://nobrow.net/shop/professorastrocatsatomicadventure/
Intergalactic Activity Book: http://nobrow.net/shop/professorastrocatsintergalacticactivitybook/
Solar System App: http://www.minilabstudios.com/apps/professorastrocatssolarsystem/

Find me on twitter, instagram, and my website:

The Map of Mathematics

League Of Legends Connection Problem FIX!

First of all make sure it isnt any problem from your internet.
Then try these fixes. Works 🙂 Peace
LoL.Properties File : http://adf.ly/1hBUWi
My contact :
Email : [email protected]

League Of Legends Connection Problem FIX!

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